Tuesday, April 23, 2013

The Wisdom of Abraham Lincoln: Final Day


This is the final day of our "Wisdom of Abraham Lincoln" series.  I hope you all enjoyed it and learned a lesson or two.  This final quote is about having humility in your life.  We spoke about "Humility-Stepping Aside" in a previous post on this blog.  Basically what Lincoln is saying is that you should live your life and do actions that would be worthy of praise and recognition because they are for the good.  But you should not do them just for the reason of being recognized or praise.  You should be humble enough to just do what is right without seeking the attention.

By doing this you will life your life in an honest and positive matter.  You will learn to do good for yourself and others, no matter who or if anyone is watching.  Let's say you find a $20 bill on the floor in a store, do you look around to see if people are watching you?  If someone was watching you would you be more apt to pick it up and return it?  Or if no one was looking would you pocket it?  Think about what you would do.  Would you return it to get the recognition or simply because it is the right thing to do

Live your life with a positive outlook remembering you choose how it all pans out.  Lincoln was a wise man and there are numerous quotes proving this.  I hope you enjoyed this series and learned a little bit more about one of the most influential people in history.

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