Sunday, April 7, 2013

Worrying is like a rocking chair...

Worrying is something everyone of us do whether we are aware if it or not.  But many of us worry about things that are not worth it and in all reality there is nothing you should be worrying about.  When you worry you become concerned with what could or might happen.  That is thinking about the future which is something you cannot figure out fully no matter how hard you try.  Tomorrow is a mystery because we have no idea what it will bring.  So worrying about what may or may not happen does you no good.  It just brings feelings of anxiety, nervousness, and fear to your life.

You control how you feel and react to situations in your life.  So why does it make sense to make yourself feel negatively about something that you really don't even know how it is going to turn out?  And if it is something that is truly going to make you feel bad, why are you going to do it?  Is the outcome going to be greater than the current situation?  This topic goes side by side with how irrational fear is.  You can read about fear in the "Live YOUR Life" blog entry from October 7, 2012.  It is something that does nothing for you but bring about uncomfortable feelings which you don't need to have.  When instead of worrying about something, you can just do it and odds are the thing you are worrying about will be done and over with none of the crazy outcomes you thought of.  

It can actually be empowering to go ahead and just do something you were worrying or scared about.  The more you force yourself to just do things, live in the now, and not put worry and doubt about what could happen out of your mind, the more happiness and peace you will bring into your life.

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