Thursday, April 18, 2013

The Wisdom of Abraham Lincoln: Day 3

This Lincoln quote pretty much echoes what this entire blog is about.  How you think is how you feel.  You can only be ask happy as YOU decide to be.  Life throws a lot at you and you attract a lot to you because of the way you act and think.  So the current state of your life is a result of how you think about it.

Our past post, "Neutral", is a good explanation of this lesson.  Everything is neither good nor bad until you put that label on it.  Every situation can be looked at with a positive spin or lesson to learn from it.  Once you start to give into negativity it continues to filter in to more areas of your life and will make it seem as if nothing is going right and that you will never be happy.  Instead, put your mind on the path of positivity and you will instantly see a change in how you feel, physically and mentally.  It feels good so "Why Not Choose Happy?" Make your mind up to be happy and that is how happy you will be.


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