Saturday, April 20, 2013

The Wisdom of Abraham Lincoln: Day 5

I do not consider myself a religious person in the sense that I do not go to church, never have, and do not identify with any real religious group.  However through reading and studying it is interesting to see that as everyone likes to point out all the differences from their religion to another that they all essentially have the same core belief.  It is the belief that some universal force or being is what guides us all and that when you do good in your life you feel good and when you do bad in your life you feel bad.  I mean really break down your specific religion and you will see that basic interpretation.

I am not saying religion is bad and I totally respect the right for each of us to believe what we want.  That is what makes life so great.  However at its core I live my life in the way of this quote.  When I do or think happy/positive thoughts, that is what I get back, and vice-versa.  It really is that simple and the easiest lesson you can impart on your life.  For more insight on this topic check out one of our previous blog entries, "The Way You Think Is How You Feel".  Your feelings are a great indicator as to whether what you are doing and thinking are good or bad.  No matter your religion, try to live by this basic belief that Lincoln has taught us.

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