Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Never Close Your Heart...

The second part of "Untethered Soul", by Michael Singer, is about not closing your heart.  We are beings made of energy and have an amazing supply of it that many of us do not tap in to.  I like the example that he used which to imagine a time when you broke up with someone and how you felt tired, had no energy to do anything, didn't want to eat, eat.  But then imagine that person called you up and said they wanted to see you.  In a sudden instant you had enough energy to jump up, get showered, dressed, and be there as if you all of a sudden had this burst of energy.  Well that is because energy can never be created nor destroyed and it is there at all times, you just need to tap into it.

By opening your heart you are allowing energy to flow freely in and out of you and at the highest level.  This does not just refer to opening your heart to loving someone, but to everything around you.  The way you act, speak, and think about every single thing in your daily life is a based on how open your heart is.  Think about how much better you feel when you are smiling, having a great day, saying hi to those you walk by, listening to music, and just being happy.  You even may notice you feel more awake and energized, as opposed to when you are angry, sad, or hurt and feel sluggish and blah.  That is because you are opening your heart and allowing the energy inside to be released.  If you truly live a life of love and look for the positive in everything there is never anything worth closing your heart over.  As we have said on here with forgiveness and learning lessons, even in bad situations you need to keep your heart open and give love to those things.  The only person you will hurt by closing your heart with anger and sadness is yourself.  Don't lock yourself inside yourself, let yourself be free and open to the joy of life around you.

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