Friday, January 18, 2013

The Way You Think is How You Feel

There is a direct relationship between thoughts and feelings.  Feelings are the key to knowing if you are thinking on a level of positivity, love, happiness, and kindness.  Because it is not possible to feel good and think negatively at the same time, and vice-versa.  You have to be projecting positive thoughts and beliefs about the people and circumstances in your life in order to feel good about them.

Right now ask yourself "how am I feeling?"  Now many people ask you that all day and the almost brainless response we all give is "I'm good, and you?"  But really consider the question and ask yourself often throughout your day.  If you are not feeling good or happy then most likely you can pinpoint what it is that you are thinking about or focusing your thoughts on that is making you feel bad.  And you may also be able to see that you are really thinking negatively about other things happening that day just because the original bad thought is putting you in a bad mood.  This is complete law of attraction in action again.  What you think about you bring about.  What you focus your thoughts on is what is going to be brought to you.  So if they are thoughts of anger, irritation, boredom, sadness, depression and fear then you are going to be feeling pretty crappy.  If they are thoughts of love, happiness, gratefulness, kindness, and compassion then you will feel great!

"The way we choose to react to something in our lives is so much more important that the actual situation itself."

Throughout our day we will come in contact with many people and situations that will test our reactions to them.  No matter what it is, or how negative a situation may seem, it is important to react as much as you can on a level of good thought.  It will help you, in the end, on feeling much better about life and yourself.  Now on the other hand when something good happens then truly focus on that, revel in it, boast about it, and beam with positivity.  The more you smile and show good to the world around you it will show it right back to you.  

I challenge you to go through your day and keep checking in with yourself.  "How am I feeling?" "Is what I am thinking about making me feel good?"  And you may be surprised with what you notice.  I have done this for a while now and it is really funny how fast you can stop yourself and say "you know what this is not making me feel good, so I am going to focus on something else."  Then I choose to think about something that makes me happy.  Whether that be a song, food, something I will be doing later, a friend/loved one, etc.  Always look at "The Sunny Side".  No matter what it is, it takes my thoughts about the bad thing and turns it into good thoughts, which in turn can only bring more good thoughts and feelings.  Only YOU can change how you feel and control how you are feeling.  In one of this blog's first entries I spoke about how you should "Grasp the Steering Wheel of Your Life" and drive yourself in the direction you want to go.  So listen to your body when it tells you it is not feeling good...then change it!

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