Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Gratitude...the magic to a happy and fulfilling life!

Gratitude is, in my opinion, one of the biggest things you can do to change your life.  I am still just scratching the surface of its affect on my life.  Everyone was taught the "magic words" of "Thank You" growing up.  And yes we say it many times a day for various reasons.  But as the quote above states it is more than just saying it.  You have to truly feel it and really mean it.

It is also more than just saying thanks to someone for holding the door, someone bringing you your food, ending a phone conversation with a customer service person, etc.  It is also being thankful that you woke up, that you have a warm bed, that you turn on the faucet and running water comes out, that you are able to read this blog with your eyes, that the sun is shining, the birds are singing, and so on.  I am still working on this concept and it does seem silly at first but I can honestly say that you will start to see the world unfold in a new way.  Now there is SO much to cover about gratitude and I will continue to for as long as this blog is around.  So to start I am just going to suggest this challenge/activity for you that will show you its power...

The next day after you read this, or today if you read this in the morning I want you to consciously go through the entire day saying thank you.  Not just saying it but really thinking about and feeling what you are saying it for.  Start when you wake up, "Thank you for the new day", while your taking a shower "thank you for the hot fresh water", eating breakfast "thank you for this bowl of cereal", at your job "thank you for this job", while your texting a friend "thank you for such a great friend", and so on.  And not only internally think of these things but also go out of your way to say thank you to the people around you.  When you do it though, look them in the eyes and genuinely mean it.  When you take a brief pause in your day to truly stop and say thank you in that deep of a way, you both benefit and you light up that person's day.  I promise you in doing this your day will go amazingly.  I have done this on days and have had traffic lights all change to green, my favorite songs come on the radio, good mail sometimes even with money appear, my coworkers and whole work day going amazing, a friend buying me a meal, great news, etc.  Its very much on level with the law of attraction as well.  If you exude appreciation for what you have around you then the universe has no choice but to manifest more abundance for you!  Now go discover the MAGIC of life!

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