Monday, June 11, 2012

"The greater the digression the greater the progression"

Many people are under the clouded belief that when times are hard there is no way out.  Or they become so angry with things that they can't understand why this is happening to them.  You have to realize that this is not YOU, it's not changing you as you are at the core.  It is just your life situation at this moment in time.  A flower is still a flower no matter what kind of dirty compost, potting soil, or rocky earth it grows from.  It still makes it through all of those different kinds of weather and growing conditions to become...a flower.

When life seems to be putting you through a rough patch you really need to step back and look at it from a learning standpoint.  You also need to look at it and see why it manifested it self.  Chances are there is some actions or thoughts you had that brought this about.  Remember, what you think about you bring about and only you affect your life and how you deal with it.  We have all heard the phrase "what doesn't kill you makes you stronger" (and the awesome song by Kelly Clarkson haha).  Well this is basically what this quote is telling us.  Take a second to think back through some rough patches in your're still here right?  You still are living your life and going through your days.  Now look at it even closer and see what has resulted because of it. If you look at it with open mind and heart and with a attitude of gratitude you will see the 'great' that you were launched into.

One of the lessons that Bishop T.D. Jakes spoke about when I attended Life Class was this exact situation.  Many people get bogged down in what is holding them back or that they keep falling on their face.  The bow of life is just pulling you back further and further getting you ready to launch into your greatness, if you would just open up and let it.  Let go and let the lesson and the acceptance wash over you.  You will realize how the pain was good, how you are glad that someone didn't stay there with you through it or that it didn't fall into your lap.  It helped you learn that you don't deserve that person in your life, that you can do this on your own, or the situation was not as bad as you thought.  If this bad time had not happened you may have never found your path or your new situation.  T.D. Jakes said,

 "I have never seen anybody who did extraordinary feats that didn't have extraordinary issues...If you have not been through pains you would not have the burning to do what you want to aim the arrow at where you want to go, but you don't push an arrow you pull it.  And it is the digression that causes the progression...when the arrow is released you can thrust after the thing you are after. The greater the digression the stronger the progression.  What you think is working against you is actually working for you!"

So let that bow pull you back and get ready to launch yourself into an amazing life. Celebrate!

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