Saturday, May 31, 2014

Disney's Lessons for Happiness: Day 8

Peter Pan is the ultimate image of never growing up.  We all have those moments in life that we want to escape reality and go back to the innocence of childhood.  And the funny thing is that you don't have to.  You can live life with that magical view of life.  You can see the world from a child's eyes and you will understand and see so much more than before.

Life is full of magic, happiness, opportunities, and adventures.  It is also is a world of differences and that is what makes the world special.  The more you realize that, the more you realize that you have to be yourself.  You have to not care about what others think about you.  It is better to be unique than to be the same.  Be different and don't be afraid to be a kid, whether 9 or 99.

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