Sunday, May 25, 2014

Disney's Lessons for Happiness: Day 5

This is one of the most "Disney" quotes from Walt.  We have talked about fear and how it can control us.  We are the ones that choose if we avoid or conquer our fears.  And when we do conquer them we are able to see that it wasn't something impossible and made us a stronger person.  You never know what can happen if you don't try.

Most of the concerns about what you fear are totally made up in your head and never happen.  The fear about the thing you fear is usually worse then actually just doing it.   When you have a dream to accomplish something it is not about what can go wrong but what you are going to do make that dream come true.  Dreams come true if you believe they will come true.  Try and you will make it.  It make take a few tries but it will happen.  You can't achieve a dream if you don't believe in it.  So keep dreaming and wishing upon a star.

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