Sunday, June 1, 2014

Disney's Lessons for Happiness: Day 9

Money doesn't buy happiness, Money is the root of all evil, etc...we have all heard those.  Money should not be the end goal and result of what you are trying to achieve.  Happiness and personal satisfaction are what is going to bring you the most joy in life.  You need to let the provision chase you, not the other way around.  When you do what you were meant to do and what you want to do in life, success and money will follow.  Let the actual act of what you are doing make you excited and happy, not what you will get from it monetarily.

This can be applied in so many ways and angles.  You may have also heard the phase 'love what you do' or had someone ask you 'what would you do for work even if you didn't get paid?'  Those phrases are meant to help you focus in on your purpose.  What would you do in life just for the pure joy of it, even if that meant not getting paid?  I can tell you there is probably something that brings you joy that you do no matter what the outcome is.  But that simply the idea of act of doing it makes you happy means that you don't necessarily have to get rewarded for doing it.

What excites you?

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