Friday, May 30, 2014

Disney's Lessons for Happiness: Day 7

Walt had it right with this quote.  And even more special was that his first live-action movie ever was "Treasure Island".  Nowadays in the world of technology, movies, video games, tv shows, etc we don't always see the world through the pages of books as much as we used to.  That is not to say that we don't read books, but I don't feel that we read them as often as we should.  How many times do you hear, "the book was better than the movie"?  Pretty much every time!  So it is true that the world inside books is more rich, full, and special than what is transferred into a tv show or movie.

Share books with your friends and family.  Let them see the world of imagination that it can open.  Books help you use your imagination.  They help you visualize things for yourself and create a space of your own.  Don't keep that treasure locked up...take time to sit down and escape in a book. 

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