Thursday, August 1, 2013

Who are you surrounding yourself with?

The people who surround yourself with is a direct reflection of what you think and feel about yourself.  It is beneficial to constantly asses your relationships with those in your life.  Start by asking the questions from Jim Rohn's quote above.

"Who am I with?" - Is this someone you want to be with or are you with them because you feel you have to be?  Do I need this person in my life? What benefit are they serving?

"What are they doing to me?" - Is this person making you feel good about myself? Happy? Sad? Angry? Moody?  Are they helping you stay in a place of optimism and positivity? Are they supporting you in your goals and dreams, or are they cutting them down?

"What have they got me saying and reading?" - Are they making you feel challenged and wanting to learn more? Are they helping you grow and reach that next level in your life on a regular basis or are they keeping you where you are? What influence are they having on the types of books, shows, music, or other media you are observing, and is this helping or hurting your life?

"What do they have me thinking?" - Do they have you thinking thoughts of abundance, gratitude, and love? Are they making me hate, dislike, or harbor negative feelings about other people or situations in my life?

"What are they making me become?" - Is my relationship with them helping me become a better, happier person? Is my relationship causing me to become a resentful, angry, bitter person?

I think we all have had people in our lives in which we have had to evaluate the benefit of their relationship with us.  Some people are the exact type of people we want in our lives.  They help us see who we really are and are their supporting us through every up and down.  However, some people seem to always feed our negativity and even cause us to become someone who we are not.  Some people come into our lives for the very reason to teach us a lesson or to show us what qualities we do not like in ourselves and others.  It is our job to realize that and sever that tie with them.  You need to value YOU more than anyone else.  Your happiness and well-being is the utmost importance in your life.  Take the time to make sure that you are challenged, supported, loved, and cared for by those in your life.  And by focusing on that same high standards for yourself it will rub off on how you treat others in your life and they will value the same from you.  You are worth having people in your life who are worth it to you.

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