Wednesday, August 7, 2013

You are a body of energy...

Everything on earth and in this universe is energy.  You can look at this from a scientific/quantum physics angle being that we are all literally bodies of molecules at the core that are vibrating and creating energy.  And by definition energy cannot be created or destroyed, it just is.  From a spiritual angle the "energy" that we are made up of is described by some as our spiritual being, God, soul, etc.  Either way we are energy.

Now many of you may be saying well yes we are created (born) and destroyed (death).  But the actual part of you that is YOU has always been there, was always there, and is always there.  No matter what happens to you, how much your body ages or changes, who you interact with, what circumstances come through your life the YOU inside is still YOU.  The point of this concept is for you to take a moment to think about this realization.  That no matter what happens to you, YOU are still the same, YOU are still a body of energy.  You may go through abuse, strife, poverty, pain, hardship, and sadness but YOU are still there inside.

You can look at it from an even easier angle.  I bet most of you reading this would say that inside you still "feel" young, in your 20's or whatever.  Yes your physical body is aging and may be reminding you that you aren't physically as young as you used to be.  But inside you still feel like that young kid, you still like much of the same things, and you still see yourself as that person inside.  If not then it is time to revisit your inner self.  You can do this through meditation, reflection, or just letting go of external issues and realizing that they are just that, external.

This concept of energy can also be used in the law of attraction.  Having what you want in your life is all a matter of giving your thoughts and focus to that desire.  The universe will bring to you what you think about.  Thoughts become things.  And what is great about that is that because everything is energy, and cannot be created or destroyed, it already exists and always will.  So that desire you have already exists.  If you can imagine it, then it already exists because that thought came into your head meaning it had to already exist or you couldn't have even thought about it.

I know this might make your mind hurt a little to think about, but it is a pretty neat concept and can help put things into perspective.  And for those more religious folks think about what the basic definition of what God or Jesus is...a being that has been and always will be, cannot be created or destroyed...sounds a lot like energy.  Though we cannot physically see it, we know energy exists and is ever present in our lives.

So next time something happens to you that may not be the most favorable, remember that inside YOU are still YOU no matter what.  If you go through life realizing that YOU are always there no matter what it will help you cope with things and view life from a wider and greater angle.

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