Saturday, May 31, 2014

Disney's Lessons for Happiness: Day 8

Peter Pan is the ultimate image of never growing up.  We all have those moments in life that we want to escape reality and go back to the innocence of childhood.  And the funny thing is that you don't have to.  You can live life with that magical view of life.  You can see the world from a child's eyes and you will understand and see so much more than before.

Life is full of magic, happiness, opportunities, and adventures.  It is also is a world of differences and that is what makes the world special.  The more you realize that, the more you realize that you have to be yourself.  You have to not care about what others think about you.  It is better to be unique than to be the same.  Be different and don't be afraid to be a kid, whether 9 or 99.

Friday, May 30, 2014

Disney's Lessons for Happiness: Day 7

Walt had it right with this quote.  And even more special was that his first live-action movie ever was "Treasure Island".  Nowadays in the world of technology, movies, video games, tv shows, etc we don't always see the world through the pages of books as much as we used to.  That is not to say that we don't read books, but I don't feel that we read them as often as we should.  How many times do you hear, "the book was better than the movie"?  Pretty much every time!  So it is true that the world inside books is more rich, full, and special than what is transferred into a tv show or movie.

Share books with your friends and family.  Let them see the world of imagination that it can open.  Books help you use your imagination.  They help you visualize things for yourself and create a space of your own.  Don't keep that treasure locked up...take time to sit down and escape in a book. 

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Disney's Lessons for Happiness: Day 6

While visualization, believing, positive thinking and faith are all a part of making things happen in your life, you still have to take action and find that moment to make the change.  The only way to start something is to do it.  You still have to act and do things that are in line with what you want.  You can say you want something, cry about it, sing about it, tell your friends about it, but you still have to do it.  It sounds so simple but it is a step that can be often missed.

If what you want is not happening then you may need to step back and look at what you are DOING about it.  If you want a new job are you just sitting around hoping it comes to you, or are you out there job hunting, are you changing your routines as if you had a job, are you practicing interviews?  That is just an example, but all valid things you need to think about.  Your actions have to be in line with your thoughts.  The more you have acting towards what you want, the sooner and more easily it will come to you.

Get out there, stop talking and DO IT!

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Disney's Lessons for Happiness: Day 5

This is one of the most "Disney" quotes from Walt.  We have talked about fear and how it can control us.  We are the ones that choose if we avoid or conquer our fears.  And when we do conquer them we are able to see that it wasn't something impossible and made us a stronger person.  You never know what can happen if you don't try.

Most of the concerns about what you fear are totally made up in your head and never happen.  The fear about the thing you fear is usually worse then actually just doing it.   When you have a dream to accomplish something it is not about what can go wrong but what you are going to do make that dream come true.  Dreams come true if you believe they will come true.  Try and you will make it.  It make take a few tries but it will happen.  You can't achieve a dream if you don't believe in it.  So keep dreaming and wishing upon a star.

Friday, May 23, 2014

Disney's Lessons for Happiness: Day 4

Never give up, don't quit, quitting is for losers...we have all heard those sayings.  But how many times have you wanted to throw in the towel and done it because it was just too hard or you didn't see any possible way that it was going to happen?  Chances are we all have at some point in life.  However, you never know if something is possible or not unless you do it and try.  You never know if something will fail unless you try it first.  You can't win if you don't play.

Things may seem like they are shrouded with mistake after disappointment after failure, but that still doesn't mean you should quit.  When something is meant to be it will happen when it is supposed to, with who it is supposed to, for the right reason.  And sometimes it may just mean that you need to go about what you are trying to achieve in a different way.  The first few ways you try may not work, but that does not mean there is no way to make it work.  Take the lesson from it and try again.

Never say never and don't quit unless you are planning on losing.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Disney's Lessons for Happiness: Day 3

Personally I think it is very important to never lose the child that is inside us all.  Being a child at heart may be seen by some as negative because you are "immature".  However, being immature is not the same as being a child at heart.  

When you look at the world through a child's eyes you see the world as the innocent, happy, and magical place that it is.  Disney has been bringing us child like wonder and magic for years and I truly believe that is why it has such a mass appeal.  Young and Old alike love Disney movies, parks, characters and music.  That is because it brings us all to a place of fantasy and happiness.  You enter a world that makes you smile, feel good, and joy.  Why would you not want to feel that way?

Never forget to step back and enjoy the little things in life and never be too old to have fun.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Disney's Lessons for Happiness: Day 2

This is a pretty simple statement for life.  Don't add more stress or drama to your life.  Life is only as difficult as you make it.  Remember you decide how and what you do to react to anything that is done or said to you.

Live your life with laughter, dreams, and imagination.  Those things all bring happiness to you and those around.  They are something that regardless or age or experiences we all love and can relate to.  They are something you can share with anyone and brighten their day with.  It's fun to dream and imagine things, that is essentially visualization.  Which as we have talked about before, when you visualize good things you bring good things.  Also laughter is a positive emotion, which helps you to remain in a positive state of energy.

So Imagine, Believe, Dream, Laugh, Pretend, Play, Smile and enjoy life!

Monday, May 19, 2014

Disney's Lessons for Happiness: Day 1

This quote is very similar to the lesson taught in "Repositioning Yourself to the Next Level".  You must never become stagnate in your life and be okay with mediocre.  You deserve and are capable of more.

In life you must constantly strive to move forward.  Move forward from bad and good times to challenge yourself and open up new experiences.  Without doing this you may never be exposed to something that could change your life and show you what you are capable of.  By opening new doors and having a curious mind you will grow and go down new paths.

Don't go backwards into the past and try to change or relive it...keep moving forward.

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Disney's Lessons for Happiness

Our next feature on "Live YOUR Life" blog will be of some amazing quotes from one of the greatest men alive, Walt Disney.  They will feature lessons of how to live a more happy and fulfilling life.

I love all things Disney and love the happiness and magic that it continues to bring to the world.  I don't know why it took me so long to do this feature, but I am looking forward to sharing it with you.

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