Saturday, November 9, 2013

Your Life's Path

Finding your purpose in life is something that we all strive for.  That thing that makes us complete, happy, and content.  It can mean different things for many different people.  It can be a job, a hobby, a person, etc.  It is that thing that when we do it everything feels right and it feels like this is the reason we were put here on this earth.  It can also be more than one thing.  It is pretty much individual and no one can figure out your purpose except for you.

When you are living life with your purpose you are on the right life path.  You are following the path of life that was meant for you.  When you have trouble finding purpose or find what you think is your purpose but it ends up not being it, you can easily get off your life path.  It is important to remember that this is simply a detour.  And just like a regular detour, while you are driving, you end up getting where you were going and back on the same road to where you need to go.  Things happen in life that pop up when we do not expect them.  It is important for us to navigate all the twists and turns all while remaining focused on what our purpose is.

Figure it out what it is you want and need in life.  No matter happens always return to that thing and don't let a detour take you off the path that life is leading you.

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