Sunday, November 17, 2013

Give up hope the past could be any different...

You hear about forgiveness many different times in your life.  You hear about how important it is.  But do you truly practice it and use it in your daily life?  And do you practice it not only on others but on yourself?

It is just as important to forgive yourself when you make mistakes or when other things happen as it is to do the same for others.  The actual concept of forgiveness is not about agreeing with or being okay with what has happened, but simply accepting the fact that it has happened and moving on.  As the quote says, it is about giving up the hope that the past could be different.  The past cannot be changed no matter how hard you try.

So you need to give up that hope and move on with your life.  Instead of trying to change things, forget the past, it is done!  As referenced in one of our past post's about forgiveness, when you forgive you don't change the past but you do change the future.  You make the choice to move on with your life instead of being stuck in this battle that you won't win by wondering and trying to change what has already happened.  Instead be grateful that it happened, the lesson was learned, and that it made you who you are today.  Be grateful that you have another day in front of you to become a better you and live a happier life.

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