Sunday, November 3, 2013

Show Up For Your Life

Many of us go through life just getting by and doing what we can to get to the end of each day and jump in our beds.  This concept was talked about in the entry "The Three Levels in Life" which has been viewed close to 100 times.  Which tells me that many of you are wondering what level you are in or agree with the fact that you may just be surviving instead of living a significant life.

On a recent episode of Oprah's Lifeclass Brene Brown spoke about being vulnerable in your life.  She spoke about allowing things to happen that would cause you to be exposed and open.  This may seem like a scary thing to most of us but if you don't take the chances to expose yourself and fall flat on your face, then you may never know what the outcome would be.  It may be the best decision you ever made or something that totally changes your life.  Imagine if you got to the end of your life and realized what it would have really been like had you actually shown up for your own life?  Imagine what life would be if you took more chances, made more mistakes and challenged more of your fears.  Chances are it would be a lot more fulfilling.  When you sit back and worry about what might happened or would could happen then you are simply closing up your heart and not allowing yourself to life a full life.  Most of the time the fear of things is actually causing more damage than the actual thing itself.  Wondering about the past is as much of a waste of time as trying to change it.  No matter how hard you think or try, it just is not going to change because it is already done.

So it's time to show up for your life.  Be present. Make mistakes. Try new things. Meet new people. Do silly things.  Embarrass yourself.  And when something goes wrong don't dwell on it, but instead be glad that you did it and now you know it didn't work out.  Lesson learned but life lived.

Are you going to stand back and hide or are you going to SHOW UP FOR YOUR LIFE?!

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