Wednesday, July 17, 2013

It's Not What Happens To You...

When something or someone comes into our life we tend to think that it is that thing that determines who we are and what we become.  What we need to instead realize is that it is our reaction to that thing that makes us who we are.

We choose how we react to situations and people in our life.  We choose how something affects us.  It is NOT the result of any outside source that we are who we are.  If you go through a divorce/breakup that does not determine where your life will go, YOU determine that.  You may find yourself blaming the other person for your problems post-breakup, ie. money, job, car breaking down, gaining weight, being lonely, etc.  However did they really cause all of that to happen? Or are you choosing to let it happen and react negatively about it?

Negative reaction = negative results.  It is proven via the law of attraction.  You get what you put into life and how you react to life.  So stop blaming others for how your life is and start taking responsibility for what happens to you.

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