Friday, January 25, 2013

Doubt is a Traitor

A theme that is discussed over and over on this blog is how the way you think and feel manifests itself into how your life unfolds around you.  Thoughts become things.  Like attracts like.  In order to get what you want out of the people, situations, and things in your life you need to truly believe and feel positively towards those things.  This means focusing on what you want and acting as if you already have it.  This does not mean thinking of the worse case scenario or wondering 'what if' constantly.

When you have feelings of doubt you are essentially becoming a traitor to yourself.  When you believe in something you want and focus on it you feel good about it and have faith it will come to you.  When you start to have doubts about it or lose hope in it then you are essentially telling your feelings that they are not strong enough and not worth it.  Once you start to believe that you don't deserve or will not get something, then you will get off track from receiving it.  Just as the law of attraction attracts things you want, it also attracts things you don't want.  And this is all because it attracts what your thoughts and feelings are focused on.

Think about a time you had a project due at work or school, or had a meeting with someone.  And think about how you started to have doubts on if the project was good enough, if the meeting would go well, or if the decisions you were making were the right one.  I can bet that those things didn't make you feel happy and wonderful.  More than likely they made you feel more nervous, worrisome, crappy, scared, and deflated.  That is a perfect example of how doubt is a traitor to your own positive feelings and self esteem.  Instead you need to focus on feeling positive about what you are doing and the decisions you made.  This will in turn make you feel more confident and ready to tackle whatever is in front of you.  So the next time a doubt creeps in your thoughts you need to stop it and keep it on your side fighting to bring the good in your life.

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