Sunday, August 26, 2012

Finish Your Day...

"Finish every day and be done with it.  You have done what you could; some blunders and absurdities no doubt crept in; forget them as soon as you can.  Tomorrow is a new day; you shall begin it serenely and with too high a spirit to be encumbered with your nonsense." - Ralph Waldo Emerson

Every one of us has good and bad days.  Things happen, sometimes in our control and sometimes unexpected.  Many of us also have a tendency of letting those things linger for much longer than the moment they happened, sometimes for the rest of our lives.  Living in the past does nothing but keep you in that emotional and negative energy state of that moment.  We all make mistakes and wrong choices; no one is perfect.  So as much as we try to drive down a smooth road, there are going to be bumps and potholes.  The key to is to keep moving forward and look at those things in the rear view mirror as lessons and things you no longer have control over. You cannot changed what happened no matter how much you want to think you can.  Forgiveness and moving on with your life is the only remedy for a bad event in the past.  As in one of my previous posts, "Anyone can make a new ending.", you really do have control over your life and how you react to it.  Instead of changing the past why not change the ending to your story and move on with life instead of living in regret or wishing you would have done something different.  Because the fact of the matter is you did do it and it did happen.  No amount of wishing, crying, anger, or depression will make time go backwards and the event not happen.

So when you end your day do just that, end it.  Accept and show gratitude for what has happened and the lessons it brought.  Then begin tomorrow with a complete notion of the gift that is a new day.  For what you did yesterday is now history.  Go into the new day with gratitude and positive energy.  By controlling how you feel and respond to a new day you are controlling your life.  Finish your day so you can live YOUR life!

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Thursday, August 23, 2012

"I Was Here"

On World Humanitarian Day, August 19th,  Beyonce and the United Nations teamed up to spread the message of "I Was Here".  This a song that is on her latest album "4".  The song is about making your mark in the world and in someone else's life before you leave this life.  She taped a beautiful music video set in the UN General Assembly room. I have had the pleasure of taking a tour of the UN and being in this room.  It is a neat place to see knowing that decisions are made, that have affected the well being of our lives, in that room.  So I am writing this post to help you stop and think about how you are or how you could make an impact in someone else's life.

"I want to leave my footprints on the sands of time, know there was something that I left behind.  When I leave this world, I'll leave no regrets, leave something to remember..."

 As you go throughout your day really start to think about how your actions are affecting the world around you.  One of the greatest gifts we can give to ourselves is to be in the service of others.  Helping someone else gives a inner joy that is hard to match.  I know you all can think of some time that you helped someone else, big or small, and the satisfaction you felt for doing it just for the sake of being kind.  Don't regret any decision that you made to help someone even if they didn't return the favor.  Know that you did it expecting no return and just because it was right.

"I want to say I've lived each day until I die.  And know that I meant something in somebody's life.  The hearts that I touched will be the proof that I leave that I made a difference and this world will see..."

Live each day as if it will be your last.  No one is guaranteed time.  Tell those you love that you love them on a regular basis.  Act silly and laugh as often as you can without embarrassment.  Make it a challenge to yourself to do at least one kind thing for someone else every day.  Do that thing you have always wanted to do, even if you are afraid.  As the title of this blog states, Live YOUR Life!  Don't worry about other's opinions or perceptions just do what you want to do and what makes you happy.  When I went to see Cher in concert she shared this little bit of wisdom, "Don't sit around thinking should I or should I not do it, just DO IT.  You can always look back and say, 'I shouldn't have done that!'".  

"I just want them to know that I gave my all, did my best, brought someone some happiness. I left this world a little better because I was here.  I lived, I loved. I did, I've done everything that I wanted and it was more than I thought it would be...I was here."

Head over to to learn more about World Humanitarian Day, see Beyonce's performance of this song, and suggestions for things you can do to help the world around you.

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Monday, August 13, 2012

After the storm...the spiritual path begins

I am not a huge religious person, mostly because I was not brought up that way and just never really felt that there was one I related to.  I do consider myself a Buddhist over anything else.  However, without getting too deep into it, I do believe that religions all preach the same core beliefs of love, compassion, humility, and living a fulfilling life.  Sadly religion is also one of the most misinterpreted and conflict causing issues on earth.  With that being said, becoming more spiritual is often confused with being religious.  When in fact it is not the same.  Discovering your own spirituality is about becoming more aware and deliberate about connecting with your thoughts, way of life, and the way you perceive the world around you.  A person, including myself, is usually triggered to take this new path in life through a hard fall or fail.

"The spiritual path wrecks the body and afterwards restores it to health.  It destroys the house to unearth the treasure and with that treasure builds it better than before." - A Rumi Observation

A year ago I was coming out of a long term relationship and was a little lost and not sure who I really was. I had repressed it for a while and became a bitter angry person, especially in my relationship.  However once the relationship ended I felt it was time to embark on a new chapter in my life and write a new story.  This hard fall was my "house" being unearthed, leaving space for the treasure to present itself.  I have mentioned many times my love for Oprah's Lifeclass show and will state again that it is a must-see.  New episodes are showing right now on OWN.  Watch one and you will be hooked.  As this show came to me I started to feel a yearning inside to do and learn more about ME and life in general.  This was my treasure...a better self appreciation and spiritually full life.  Through the months books, shows, readings, blogs, quotes, and people came into my life all with the same underlying concepts of living a better life.  My path had been wrecked but my health was being restored.  I will post a blog soon with the specific details of my trip to see Lifeclass live in person.  But that was such a huge turning point and a time when I said "wow look what has manifested and come into my life!"  I would not have had many of the awakenings, 'ah-ha moments', new friendships and experiences had my life not fallen out from under me last year.  If you look at any famous or noteworthy person/accomplishment, it is almost always proceeded by a big flop or disappointment.  As mentioned before the amazing quote by Bishop T.D. Jakes proclaims, "The greater the digression the greater the progression."

"Dormant forces, faculties, and talents come alive, and you discover yourself to be a greater person by far than you every dreamed yourself to be." - Patanjali, Hindu Philosopher

You will be amazed, as I have been, what things come out of this new awareness.  I have discovered so much about myself and know I am just getting started.  I realized how great life and myself already are and how much greater it can get.  Wayne Dyer states that, "when we change the way we look at things, the things we look at change."  That sums it up.  Life is as you perceive it and by changing the way you look at things and your personal beliefs about the world around you, the world around you changes to match it via the law of attraction.  Life is here for the taking and has no choice but to give you back what you give it!  I wish all of you well on your spiritual path and hope you continue to travel it through this blog and to share your experiences.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Power Symbols

Years ago I read "The Secret" by Rhonda Byrne.  I really fell in love with the concept and think it was the book that set me on the path to learn more about life.  This past year I learned she had written a second book called "The Power".  I listened to the audio book and enjoyed it even more than the first.  "The Power" focuses on the strongest force on earth which is love.  Love, in all forms, towards all things in your life will bring love and happiness back to you.  In the second half of the book she describes the practice of picking a "power symbol".

A "Power Symbol" is any object of your choosing that will manifest itself in any form (written, video/tv, live, picture, spoken) when you are living and thinking on a level of love and positivity. It can be a sound, animal, color, word, etc.  For mine I chose a butterfly.  I choose this for a few reasons.  One they are not so common that you see them as much as say grass or leaves.  Two my favorite singer is Mariah Carey and her favorite symbol is a butterfly as well.  And thirdly they represent transformation, beauty, and also tend to bring smiles and a sense of happiness when seen.

Now once you have chosen your symbol you need to become aware of it and notice it when it appears. When you see it recognize what you are doing in that moment that is acting out of love and positivity.  It also helps to say thank you when you see it to keep your thoughts on a level of gratitude that it manifested itself at the right time.  I have seen my symbol on multiple occasions and it has begun to be fun to see it appear.  You cannot go around actively looking for it and forcing yourself to see it.  It will come if you just go on with your life practicing positive thinking and kindness towards yourself and others.  That first time you see it and recognize why it was shown to you, it will give you chills.

Adversely you can also pick a negative power symbol.  This is something that will manifest when you are not thinking on a level of good and maybe it is time to stop and steer your mind in a different direction.  I personally picked a snake.  I don't hate snakes but they are not my favorite and represent sneaky slithery bad thoughts.  I can tell you that a few months ago I was continually putting myself in a situation that was not fulfilling me emotionally but I kept doing it because I wanted it to work.  However the word snake was brought up in almost every conversation with this person and I still ignored it.  Well finally one day I was walking to my car and a very large black snake slithered across the middle of the parking lot in front me.  I had never seen a snake so out in the open in a big black paved lot like this before.  That moment made it all snap in my head and I realized I had been given this symbol as a sign to stop and evaluate my own happiness in regards to this situation.  The moment that happened I made the choice to not give this person in my life any more of my energy and time.  After doing that I felt so much happier and less stressed, and yes the next day a butterfly appeared on a commercial I was watching on tv, that I had never seen before.  I promise you it works.  Several of my friends whom I have told about this practice are now using their own symbols and reporting the same results.  When I see my symbol now I just smile and say thank you because I know I am on the right frequency with my thoughts.

So what will you pick for your symbol?  Why?  Leave a comment below and share.  Or if you have been using a symbol tell us what results you have had?

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Create Your Own Story...

Every day of our life we are creating our own personal story.  Now some people get their actual story in written form such as a memoir, biography, or autobiography.  However I am not talking in that literal of a sense.  The story of your life is more about how you live your life day by day.  This blog is titled "Live YOUR Life!" because you truly do control how your life goes.  Your reactions, actions, thoughts, words, and feelings all play a part in how your story is played out.

This goes along with law of attraction and many other lessons I have talked about thus far. (noticing a pattern??)  If the story of your life is currently showing itself as a sad, dramatic, depressing tale then chances are you are putting energy and focus on things in your life that is bringing it to you.  Everyone has goals, dreams, and things they wish to aspire to.  However not everyone goes for them or thinks they are worthy of obtaining them.  That is where you are wrong.  You can do and be anything you want.  You just need to set into motion and believe in what you want.  This means using things like compassion, positive thinking, humility, imagination, faith, etc.  You have to mentally put yourself where you want to be.   If you want to be an athlete then are you acting and doing the things an athlete would be?  Do you want to make more money?  Are you spending money frivolously or avoiding opportunities to receive money?  You have to act as if you already are receiving what you want and feel it wholeheartedly.

Many people think they have no control over their life and no matter what they do everything turns out horrible.  When in reality it is them CHOOSING to be miserable and CHOOSING to write a miserable story of their own life.  The only person who can change you is YOU!  If you get rejected, fired, turned away, or fail at something you cannot let it consume you.  It was something that in the end was not meant to happen and will only open the door to other greater things.  It is also something you need to view as a loss from the other party.  They were not able to see your full potential or worth, so why waste time on it.

Take a moment to look at your life as it is now.  What kind of story are you telling?  Are you ready to turn the page and start a new chapter or are you living life trying to re-write chapters that have already been completed?  Stories are written by their authors and go where the author want them to go.  I leave you with a quote by the author of "Peter Pan".  Take in what he and Maya Angelou has to say.  There is nothing worse then going along in life and coming to a point where you realize what you wished and hoped for did not happen, only because you were not aware of what you were doing to not fulfill it.  As I keep professing, you need to practice awareness in every moment of your day, and you will start to see how everything happens for a reason and because of the action of something else.  Vow to make your life better, happier, and more fulfilling.  Don't look back and wish you would have wrote a better story.