Thursday, August 9, 2012

Power Symbols

Years ago I read "The Secret" by Rhonda Byrne.  I really fell in love with the concept and think it was the book that set me on the path to learn more about life.  This past year I learned she had written a second book called "The Power".  I listened to the audio book and enjoyed it even more than the first.  "The Power" focuses on the strongest force on earth which is love.  Love, in all forms, towards all things in your life will bring love and happiness back to you.  In the second half of the book she describes the practice of picking a "power symbol".

A "Power Symbol" is any object of your choosing that will manifest itself in any form (written, video/tv, live, picture, spoken) when you are living and thinking on a level of love and positivity. It can be a sound, animal, color, word, etc.  For mine I chose a butterfly.  I choose this for a few reasons.  One they are not so common that you see them as much as say grass or leaves.  Two my favorite singer is Mariah Carey and her favorite symbol is a butterfly as well.  And thirdly they represent transformation, beauty, and also tend to bring smiles and a sense of happiness when seen.

Now once you have chosen your symbol you need to become aware of it and notice it when it appears. When you see it recognize what you are doing in that moment that is acting out of love and positivity.  It also helps to say thank you when you see it to keep your thoughts on a level of gratitude that it manifested itself at the right time.  I have seen my symbol on multiple occasions and it has begun to be fun to see it appear.  You cannot go around actively looking for it and forcing yourself to see it.  It will come if you just go on with your life practicing positive thinking and kindness towards yourself and others.  That first time you see it and recognize why it was shown to you, it will give you chills.

Adversely you can also pick a negative power symbol.  This is something that will manifest when you are not thinking on a level of good and maybe it is time to stop and steer your mind in a different direction.  I personally picked a snake.  I don't hate snakes but they are not my favorite and represent sneaky slithery bad thoughts.  I can tell you that a few months ago I was continually putting myself in a situation that was not fulfilling me emotionally but I kept doing it because I wanted it to work.  However the word snake was brought up in almost every conversation with this person and I still ignored it.  Well finally one day I was walking to my car and a very large black snake slithered across the middle of the parking lot in front me.  I had never seen a snake so out in the open in a big black paved lot like this before.  That moment made it all snap in my head and I realized I had been given this symbol as a sign to stop and evaluate my own happiness in regards to this situation.  The moment that happened I made the choice to not give this person in my life any more of my energy and time.  After doing that I felt so much happier and less stressed, and yes the next day a butterfly appeared on a commercial I was watching on tv, that I had never seen before.  I promise you it works.  Several of my friends whom I have told about this practice are now using their own symbols and reporting the same results.  When I see my symbol now I just smile and say thank you because I know I am on the right frequency with my thoughts.

So what will you pick for your symbol?  Why?  Leave a comment below and share.  Or if you have been using a symbol tell us what results you have had?

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