Monday, September 3, 2012

Traveling vs. Arriving

The principles of Buddha resonate with me.  They are not religious and do not promote praising a higher being.  The higher being is yourself, heaven is your life on earth and in you, happiness and suffering are all results of your actions and thoughts.  There is so much knowledge and life lessons through Buddhist teaching and I will include several as this blog goes on.  

With that being said, the lesson for today is that life is not about the destination, it is about the journey.  Many of us get caught up in goals, events, expectations and future happiness upon reaching a certain achievement.  By living this way you lose the joy of now.  Today is the amazing gift we are all given.  We are not guaranteed tomorrow and therefore have to be cautious not to constantly live as if tomorrow is going to happen and only then will you be happy.  I am sure you have heard people say, "I will be so happy when...", "I just need to get this one thing taken care of and then I'll be happy.", "Once I pay this bill off I'll be happy", and so on.  Sadly when living this way you are depriving yourself of the joy and beauty that is the life your in now; in this moment.  Yes those things will be great when they happen and there is nothing wrong with celebrating them when they come, but do not get so caught up in getting to that moment that you let this moment pass you buy.  So you have a big bill you are trying to pay off? So your day started out bad? So you have to lose 20 pounds?...this will all happen if you stay in the now and live in the moment.  Being happy and acting positively now, will bring positive results, actions, and circumstances into your life via the law of attraction.  Worry, wondering, obsessing over what is coming or what is going to happen will only fog your mind from living a truly happy life.

Take a moment to take each day as it is and the amazing journey that you travel through.  Appreciate the people that you come in contact with each day, the food you fuel your body with, the beauty of nature around you.  Time will pass and your future "thing" will most likely still happen, but why not enjoy yourself along the way??  It is better to look back and say you lived and loved to the fullest rather than wishing and aiming to do it soon.  Life is too precious to count on what could happen.  Instead of saying someday, say TODAY!

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