Tuesday, September 25, 2012


When someone hurts you with words or actions many of us let that really affect us.  And by affecting us it changes the way we live our life.  As I have said before in many past blog entries such as "Finish Your Day", you need to be able to accept that it happened and move on with your life.  In the last entry we talked about the power of forgiveness.  This rings true in regards to this post too.  When people are mean or hurtful to you it is a choice they made and a reflection of how they think of themselves.  So by forgiving them and taking that burden away from your life you are left with a life of happiness and enjoyment by living with direction towards joy.

Read the starting quote again and really think about it.   When you or someone else acts negatively towards another then you are doing nothing but bringing more negativity in your life.  After a while the "scratching" runs out and you are left with nothing because of how badly you value yourself when you treat others with hate.  Treating someone else bad never results in you feeling better about yourself.  It just results in more situations being presented to you that will result in you acting and thinking negatively.  This means that you are filling your life with more hate than love.  Now I know people will upset you and do bad things to you, but taking the higher road shows that you think better about yourself and your happiness.  Think about a time you treated someone badly, did you really feel better afterward? Chances are maybe for a split second you may have got a feeling of satisfaction or accomplishment, but if you dig deeper I bet you also felt a little empty and bad about what you said.  Humans are meant to love and be happy, that is why those feelings feel good.  So why choose the opposite which doesn't?

Love and respect are two of the most important things you can impart in your life on a daily basis.  If you walk around with an attitude of love and really look at all the amazing things in the world there is no reason to bring hate into it.  If you don't agree or care for someone then let it be.  It does neither party any good to express the negative towards each other.  Instead accept the fact that you have differences and that is what makes life interesting.  And also realize that you have a choice who you let in your life and how they affect it.  So next time you are in a situation where someone treats you badly or speaks poorly to you, realize it is their issue not yours.  And instead try to show them love in return so you can help that "sandpaper" from becoming useless and empty.

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