Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Silver Linings

In every moment of your day and life there is positivity.  There is always a silver lining to every situation and moment.  You just need to look for them.

It may seem impossible when things are going bad.  Whether you are battling cancer, going through a divorce, losing your job, etc there is STILL always a silver lining.  You need to look for it in little things.  If you are having a hard time seeing positive from your negative then start small.  It may be the sound of a bird chirping, the feeling of your sheets when you slip into bed after a long day, a bite of your favorite food, a day without any bills in the mail.  You need to find things that bring joy, even if little things, to you.

By starting to look for and notice the little things in life, not only will you begin to appreciate life more, you will also start to see larger things and how they connect.  You will start to slow down and notice life around you.  It is a big key to life.  You will open up your heart and mind by simply stopping to notice all the good around you.  And by thinking about and focusing on the positive you will notice that you start to feel better.  What you focus on and think about is what you bring about.  So focus and think about the good in life and you will bring good to your life.

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