Sunday, March 17, 2013


Everything that comes into our lives is neutral.  People, circumstances, events, relationships, etc. It is all neutral until we label it good or bad in our minds.  Remember we create the world around us and our reactions to it.  Therefore it is you who chooses to view something as a negative or positive.

You can find a positive spin, lesson, or solution from any "bad" situation.  It may take some soul searching and stepping back for a second to look at it, but it can be done.  Per the law of attraction what you give you receive.  Therefore if you start labeling everything in your life as "bad" or "negative" then you will only bring more of that to you.  Instead, label things as positive experiences or lessons, and appreciate the people who have come and gone in your life.  This will in turn present more positive experiences into your life.

Look at your life now and see what things you have labeled negatively and look for another angle to view them.  You are the only person who can decide that something is good or bad, so why not choose good?! 

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The Three Levels in Life

Here we are again with another lesson from Oprah's Lifeclass.  Rick Warren was the guest teacher on an episode about his book "A Purpose Driven Life".  Part of his lesson was discussing the three main levels of life that we all live in,

Survival is that level when you are just going through the motions.  Wake up, go to work, come home, watch tv, eat dinner and go back to bed to start it all again tomorrow.  You are basically just going through life doing just what you need to do to get by.  No attempts to change or grow just "surviving".

Success is the level in which many of us live.  We have a job, house, family, kids, own material things and overall seem successful in life.  It is not the highest level that you can live at but it is a slightly more conscious place to be at.

Significance is the highest level in life, and what we should all try to obtain.  When you are at this level you truly realize the meaning and value of life.  You are aware of what your existence means to the world and people around you.  You value life and the relationships in your life.  You take the lessons and learn from them.  You express gratitude and compassion.  Life has meaning and you realize and acknowledge it at every moment.

What level are you currently living in?  If you are not at Significance, what is keeping you from getting there?

Sunday, March 10, 2013


I am floored and so grateful that this blog has reached 5000 views!  I never would have imagined that I would get this far in such a short time.  Thank you to everyone who has read and continues to read this blog.  Thank you to everyone on Pinterest that repins and shares our posts.

Please share this blog with your friends and family.  Many of you have said how much you enjoy the articles and lessons so why not share that joy with others?

Here is to the next 5000 and beyond!

Friday, March 8, 2013

Choice...The Wild Card

This lesson comes from another amazing episode of Oprah's LifeClass with special guest Pastor Rick Warren.  The entire lesson was about dealing with the hand you are dealt in life and the five "C"s in that hand.  When we are born the universe puts us into a life that brings us circumstances, good and bad, that we must deal with and don't always have total control over.  Our chemistry is our physical makeup that is who we are.  Our size, shape, color, etc.  Connection refers to the family, loved ones and others who come in and out of your life and are connected to you.  Consciousness is the mental thoughts and images that are implanted in us because of the connections and circumstances which you believe tell your story.  However, the best and most important card in the hand you are dealt is CHOICE.

Choice is a wild card because it can go either way, good or bad, up or down.  No matter what life throws at you, it is your choice in how you react to it.  Life may put you in poverty or riches, sickness or health, single or partnered, fat or muscled, and so on.  But it is completely up to you how you deal with that hand.  Do you let it become a burden and excuse for not making life better for yourself, or do you accept it for what it is and choose to move forward?

Look at your life now.  Do you think you have been dealt a good or bad hand, and what makes you feel that way? Have you chosen to make it a burden or moved forward from it?  What is one thing you can choose to change now that will improve your life?

One of the greatest gifts we have as humans, beside life, is the gift of choice.  What have you done with that gift?

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Repositioning Yourself To The Next Level

I have said how much I love Bishop TD Jakes on numerous occasions. I still feel so blessed that I got the opportunity to see him live. I also attribute him to one of the big influences in changing my life.  I recently watched a documentary with him regarding repositioning yourself throughout your life.  We cannot become complacent in our lives and get stuck in ruts that always are just what feels comfortable.

You should constantly be looking ahead to where you want to go next.  And just as if you are driving or planning anything else out you have to act and prepare for things that are going to happen.  He stated a great example of when people state that they cannot move out from the "level" of life they are in, and the numerous excuses they give.  He explained that when you were a child you had to learn to count to 10.  So you may have struggled not getting the order right at first, but eventually you could proudly count from 1 to 10.  Then you were pushed to count to 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, 90, 100...and so on.  Well if you look at it, they are all multiples of ten and you are just building on what you already know and can take baby steps of "10" to get to the next level.  So place that example into your life.  You work towards that next level in which you want to attain and when you are there you can't get stuck and not want more for yourself. You deserve it and are meant for greatness so step up to that next level and start at 1 again.

Now you may think you are still climbing or not sure when it is time to reposition yourself to take a step to the next level.  Well as the quote above states you should look around your life and see what is being reflected back to you.  Are the people in your life challenging you or are they projecting their problems and difficulties on you, which is in turn preventing you from your own happiness.  Are you in a job that is not exciting you anymore or that you feel you have done all you can at that level?  Well then it is time to shift gears, step up to the next level, realize your true potential and start back at 1.  There is no limit of how high you can climb in your life.  You are the only one who will limit yourself.  If you are not in the position you want to be in life in any area, then it is time to reposition yourself!

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Sharing Your Day

Mealtime is something that has an almost magic quality to it. Whether with family, friends, loved ones, roommates or even strangers, food brings about a commonality among us all.  When we sit down to enjoy a meal or drink we instantly seem to bond with the people around us.  As time changes, meal time is, sadly, not always a time to sit around and just talk.  It has become quick, on the go, while watching TV, while rushing out the the door, etc.  However, there is a magical healing quality to "breaking the bread' with another person.

During a meal not only does the food nourish you and bring a fulfillment, but it also feeds your soul with the conversation you can have with your table companions.  It is a time to talk about your day, the good and the bad.  A time to share your joys, questions, and solutions with one another.  It does not matter the food, fancy or fast, but that you take the time to enjoy it and share it with someone.

This quote comes to us from the CEO of "The Pampered Chef".  Now I have grown up with Pampered Chef recipes and products in my house, and now sell them as well.  I love to cook and love to eat. And I truly love their products but also, more importantly, love that they are trying to show people how easy and more affordable it is to cook and eat at home.  Food brings people together at the table and opens the door for intelligent face to face, non-technological based, conversation.  Interpersonal conversation is a distinct human need that there needs to be made time in the day for.  So I challenge you, whether with your family or friends, to pick a night or two that will always be your 'eating together' time.  Go around the table, let everyone share their day and the stories which were written.  Food is truly soul food when shared with others.