Sunday, March 3, 2013

Sharing Your Day

Mealtime is something that has an almost magic quality to it. Whether with family, friends, loved ones, roommates or even strangers, food brings about a commonality among us all.  When we sit down to enjoy a meal or drink we instantly seem to bond with the people around us.  As time changes, meal time is, sadly, not always a time to sit around and just talk.  It has become quick, on the go, while watching TV, while rushing out the the door, etc.  However, there is a magical healing quality to "breaking the bread' with another person.

During a meal not only does the food nourish you and bring a fulfillment, but it also feeds your soul with the conversation you can have with your table companions.  It is a time to talk about your day, the good and the bad.  A time to share your joys, questions, and solutions with one another.  It does not matter the food, fancy or fast, but that you take the time to enjoy it and share it with someone.

This quote comes to us from the CEO of "The Pampered Chef".  Now I have grown up with Pampered Chef recipes and products in my house, and now sell them as well.  I love to cook and love to eat. And I truly love their products but also, more importantly, love that they are trying to show people how easy and more affordable it is to cook and eat at home.  Food brings people together at the table and opens the door for intelligent face to face, non-technological based, conversation.  Interpersonal conversation is a distinct human need that there needs to be made time in the day for.  So I challenge you, whether with your family or friends, to pick a night or two that will always be your 'eating together' time.  Go around the table, let everyone share their day and the stories which were written.  Food is truly soul food when shared with others.

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