Friday, March 8, 2013

Choice...The Wild Card

This lesson comes from another amazing episode of Oprah's LifeClass with special guest Pastor Rick Warren.  The entire lesson was about dealing with the hand you are dealt in life and the five "C"s in that hand.  When we are born the universe puts us into a life that brings us circumstances, good and bad, that we must deal with and don't always have total control over.  Our chemistry is our physical makeup that is who we are.  Our size, shape, color, etc.  Connection refers to the family, loved ones and others who come in and out of your life and are connected to you.  Consciousness is the mental thoughts and images that are implanted in us because of the connections and circumstances which you believe tell your story.  However, the best and most important card in the hand you are dealt is CHOICE.

Choice is a wild card because it can go either way, good or bad, up or down.  No matter what life throws at you, it is your choice in how you react to it.  Life may put you in poverty or riches, sickness or health, single or partnered, fat or muscled, and so on.  But it is completely up to you how you deal with that hand.  Do you let it become a burden and excuse for not making life better for yourself, or do you accept it for what it is and choose to move forward?

Look at your life now.  Do you think you have been dealt a good or bad hand, and what makes you feel that way? Have you chosen to make it a burden or moved forward from it?  What is one thing you can choose to change now that will improve your life?

One of the greatest gifts we have as humans, beside life, is the gift of choice.  What have you done with that gift?

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