Thursday, October 10, 2013

Let Go to Live

Fear and preconceived notions about things that happen in life can be something that holds you back.  When we fear something we tend to do whatever we can to avoid it and keep ourselves "safe" from it.  We have discussed the topic of "Fear" before on this blog and how it really does you no good to avoid it.  Today we dive into that a little deeper...

When we fear stuff in our life we tend to find ways to avoid coming face to face with it.  We avoid talking to certain people or putting ourselves in certain situations that we know will cause that fear to activate inside of us.  While we do this thinking that it is protecting us it is actually putting us in a theoretical cage blocking us from true happiness in life.  You actually are causing a stress in your life by having an internal battle trying to avoid and protect yourself from the things that you fear.  Think about it...when you avoid talking to someone or doing something do you really feel better?  Chances are you feel defeated, sad, or still focus on the fear and think about it making you feel bad anyways.  

The key to getting over a fear is to either face it and do it, or to just simply let it go.  Accept that it is something that naturally occurs in life, something that is going to happen, and something that has happened.  No matter what life is going to happen and those circumstances are going to cross your paths.  So instead of avoiding it and doing all you can to battle against life so that those thing do not happen, you just need to accept it.  Remember life is about living for now and being positive.  Feelings of stress, avoidance, and fear are not positive why make yourself feel that way?

I am not saying that you won't having something that you will fear in life.  It is human nature and will happen.  But like every lesson on this blog, it is all how you deal with it.  Let go and Live YOUR Life!

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