Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Joy Rising Fridays

I have stated many times my love for Oprah's Lifeclass show.  I LOVE IT.  And I also miss it greatly being on as often as it was originally.  But one of my favorite parts of it was her weekly friday show which was "Joy Rising" in which she would share moments from her shows in which they did things to make people happy.  The lesson was that as you watched them you felt just as happy for the person even though the actual even was not happening to you.  The power of happiness and positivity radiates from people and is infectious.

So going with this concept I will be posting a video of something, could be from Oprah's show, could be something random I found online, that will help the joy rise in you.  They will be posted on our Facebook page so be sure to "LIKE" it so that you will get the updates.  And while you watch the videos notice how you smile, cry, and laugh along with the videos.  Happiness spreads and seeing other people happy makes you happy.  So take that as a lesson and observe all the happiness that is around you.

And please share our Facebook page and the videos with your friends and family to spread the joy!

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