Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The Power of Love: Day 4

The amazing thing about love is that you see each other in a light that no one else does.  Others may focus on and talk about your flaws, or be the first one to point out when you make a mistake.  But they don't fully see you for the person that you are.  Instead, they judge you on that one moment or thing that, in their opinion, is not right or normal.

It truly is a miracle of life that someone else is able to see and appreciate the real you inside and that you feel comfortable to show them that.  So don't ever think that there is not someone out there for everyone because there is someone who will see you the way you know you are inside.  And also take it as a lesson that you should take the time to get to know someone before judging them.  All judging does is reveal your own insecurities about yourself and love.

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