Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Believe in the hero in you...

I recently finished "Hero" by Rhonda Byrne.  It is her 4th book and delivers a similar message of "The Secret" and "The Power".  It is much shorter and to the point but still helps to drive home the message that you are in control of your life and you determine how much and what you achieve.

Inside each of us is a hero.  You have to know and believe that you can do whatever you want.  Only you will stop yourself from doing that one thing you have always wanted to.  Fear of failure can hold you back from truly experiencing life as well as realizing your potential.  The hero that inside of you doesn't wonder if something will happen it knows it will happen.  When you have a dream you simply have to believe that it will happen.  Do not wonder when, if, and how it will happen.  Instead just continue to focus on it, visualize it, speak about it, and continue to do things that keep you in line with it.

Now you may fall here and there but one of the most powerful things you can realize is that those falls happen for a reason.  And just like any mistake or failure in life, there is a reason or lesson for it.  You may need to go through 10 interviews before getting your dream job because maybe you truly weren't ready yet and those interviews helped to prep you for the final one.  Maybe you had to get second place in a race or contest so that you can go back and work even harder the next time because the hero in you knows that you can.

Don't wonder, just know!

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