Friday, January 24, 2014

The Wisdom of Nelson Mandela: Final Day

We end our tribute to Nelson Mandela with what is my favorite quote of his.  It is a true statement of how important it is that you not only surround yourself with positivity but that you spread it to others.  We were born to be happy, loving, content people.  We were not born to hate and be negative.

Spreading hate only brings more hate, so spreading love only brings more love.  Which sounds better to you?  

It is also important to teach love to others.  Be a model of love and positivity.  Be a model of gratitude and compassion.  It will rub off on others.  People can only learn to hate by seeing examples of it and reasons from others.  Don't be that person that is always angry and show hatred.  Be the person that looks for and recognizes the good in the situation.

Love comes naturally, so live your life with love.

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