Sunday, December 29, 2013

The Wisdom of Nelson Mandela: Day 2

We have spoke on this blog a few times about anger and forgiveness and how they are something that you control.  When you are angry or wishing ill to others you are actually doing so to yourself.  It is the law of attraction in true form.  What you give out is what comes back to you.

When you are angry about something notice how it makes you feel.  Notice how thinking and focusing on the anger and what you don't like about that person makes you feel.  It does not feel good and just feeds into more and more anger.  All of this is actually putting you into a bad mood and keeping you there.  So while you think you are directing your anger towards another person and hoping that they feel the pain and negative feelings you wish on them, it is you who is actually feeling it.  Many times the other person has no idea that you are upset with them or thinking negatively towards them.  So it is better to let things go or confront the other person and talk about it rather than harboring resentment.  It will be your poison not theirs.

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