Sunday, June 23, 2013

Letting Go...

You may have heard the quote "some people come into our life for a reason, sometimes for just a season, sometimes for a lifetime.  It is up to you to decide how long they stay."  Well that is the power that we all have known as "letting go."  This is parallel with practicing forgiveness.  When someone comes into your life, whether it be a friend, lover, coworker, or family member they all have an impact on us and help to shape us to the person we are.  We allow them to be a part of our lives and they rub off on us both positively and negatively.

When you come to the point of ending a relationship with someone it is painful and seems like there is nothing that will fix it besides having the person back in your life.  You cannot imagine life without them and think that you won't ever be happy again.  And of course not all relationships end on the best terms but it came to end for a reason.  The universe listened to your thoughts and actions and, through the law of attraction, shifted the relationship.  Look at the relationship and seek out the lessons it taught you and accept that it has ended.  Forgive yourself and the other party and let them go. 

We have all had relationships, marriages, and jobs end.  So I can bet that you are still alive, still going on with your life, and your world did not come to a halt.  You moved on.  Sometimes that time period of letting go is very quickly and sometimes it can linger.  But the quicker you accept and move on, the happier you will be.  Remember you choose your happiness, no one else.  People come into our lives to teach us lessons and help us to become and see ourselves for who we really are.  When you start looking at relationships in that way you can see them in a whole new light.  Now I am not saying it won't hurt when one ends but you will have a different perspective that may help you move on.  You will have learned what to look out for next time or that when a breakup happens again you now know that you will eventually be okay and be back to a normal life.  You also learn who you do want to have in your life and will do what you can to keep them there.  Just remember that sometimes it will just be for a season in your life, but will still be for a reason, and when that time comes you can take a deep breath and...just...let...go.

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