Saturday, October 13, 2012

12 Days of Optimism, Day 3: Friends

"I promise make all my friends feel that there is something worthwhile in them."

Friends are one of the greatest gifts we have.  They are the people we choose to surround ourselves with and who are there for us no matter what.  We also have many levels of friends. Some very close and some regular acquaintances.  Either way they are still people we value in our lives and who make us happy to be around them.

Humans have a natural need and desire to feel wanted.  We all want to feel that we matter and are important to someone else.  So when was the last time you told your friends or those you loved that you cared about them?  When did you really take a moment to let them know that you appreciate them and are thankful they are in your life?  Do your actions towards them represent how you feel about them?

One of my favorite episodes of Oprah's Lifeclass was called "Do your eyes light up?"  The basic premise of the episode was to make you think about how you react when your child, spouse, partner, friend, etc enter the room.  Do your eyes light up?  Do they know you are happy to see them?  Think about this the next time you see someone that you are grateful is a part of your life.  Make sure you show them in words and actions how much they mean to you.  Making someone else feel valued and loved brings the same feelings back to you.  That's what friends are for! 

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